My name is Lars Bo Thomsen, and I’m a Danish entrepreneur focusing mainly on online products and services.

My goal is to make the world a bit better step by step. I’m doing this by creating companies that:

  • helps to distribute the wealth from the rich western people to the less favored in the rest of the world
  • creates more efficient processes┬áby automatization and digitalization.

The short version of my professional history

My early steps into business, programming, and online marketing

During my last years of primary school in 2005-2006, I started to create websites. I began with programming and setting up simple community sites. When I discovered that having a website isn’t that much fun without any visitors, I went into online marketing. Hereafter I focused on search engine marketing while working on my eCommerce startups and being an online marketing consultant for +30 small business all while finishing primary and high school.

Getting bored of online marketing and expanding into new branches of business

In 2012 after completing high school I took a job in a Danish online publishing house named Better Students. I was hired to do online marketing, conversion rate optimization and the like.

First, I built a marketing department. Then I went into product development and took the lead together with the CEO of the company.

In my last period working at Better Students, I moved to Romania to lead the startup of a new branch. Here I entered the role as CEO. In Romania I hired +10 employees, set up an office, processes, marketing and so forth before inserting a local manager and moving back to Denmark in late 2015. Back in Denmark, I became the COO charged with taking care of all of the daily operations for the companies Nordic and Romanian activities.

While at Better Students the company more than tripled their profits (page in Danish).

Plunging back into the unknown waters as an entrepreneur

While working for Better Students, I learned a lot and spent time on everything from customer service, marketing, product development, market expansion, accounting and almost everything else required when running a business. In late 2016 I quit my job, and I plunged back into the unknown waters as a full-time entrepreneur to tackle the new challenges.

Want to get in contact?

Phone no.: +45 31 42 37 52
Recidence: Aarhus, Denmark.
Social media profiles: