Investor and all-round payments person at Lunar 2021 – ?
After selling Paylike to Lunar at the end of 2021 all Paylike employees were moved into the Lunar organisation. At Lunar I continue to lead the (online) payments efforts.

Owner of Elevated Highlands ApS 2006 – ?
I’m currently working full-time in my company developing new concepts and doing consultation work primarily within online marketing.


COO and Head of Expansion at Paylike ApS 2016 – 2021
Leading the company into new markets while maintaining a healthy culture and streamlined organisation.

COO at Better Students ApS: 2015 August – 2016 July

Leading the daily operations as COO together with two local managers for the Nordic countries and Romania while expanding the offering to new markets.

CEO of Better Students Romania SRL: 2015 January – 2016 July

CEO of Better Students Romania SRL.

Head of Sales and Marketing: Better Students ApS: 2012 – 31. December 2014

Head of Sales and Marketing at Better Students (former Student Media. I was the lead in the marketing department promoting Better Students brands in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany. My primary focus was on expanding to new markets.

Co-owner at Youth Portals: 2009 – 2014

Co-owner of Youth Portals I/S with my high school colleague Thomas Jensen. We created everything from eCommerce sites selling video games to a service announcing high school students of cancelled classes so they could stay in bed instead of showing up at an empty classroom.

Self-employed Online marketing consultant at The Online Way: 2009 – 2013
Online marketing consultant doing SEO, link building, CRO and a lot of Google AdWords for +30 small businesses. I put it on pause when I started working full-time at Better Students.

Self-employed programmer at The Online Way: 2006 – 2009
Selling programming and website development to various small companies. I also developed a CMS for cashback websites which were in use on +10 websites.

Content consultant for Better Students ApS: 2007 – 2009

Content consultant for and


I have little formal education besides:

  • high school (my profile was math and physics)
  • various courses on business, strategy, statistics, negotiation and IT implementation at the Aarhus University
  • diplomas for mastering Google AdWords and Google Analytics

I’m a big believer in autodidacticism and an avid reader. I’m a user of various web technologies such as Node.js, PHP, SQL, Javascript, HTML, CSS and so forth which I use for building web services.

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